Yes, poutine on a pizza.

“I’ve heard that one company has Juice Press juices in their communal fridge that you can take. That’s quite a nice perk that I would love to have.”

“I heard that one place pays for someone to clean your apartment. The more we see companies escalating with perks, the more we’ll hear about things that seem outrageous.”

“I’ve often felt that it is somehow wrong to have an engineer spend any time at all scrubbing his own toilet. It sounds elitist, but these people are highly important to the economy and to the company. Offering maid service to them as a perk makes total sense.”

you guys, life is so hard in the gilded cages of start-ups. the cookies? baked an hour ago.

A WHOLE HOUR. GOD. life is tough.

I’d like to introduce myself formerly to you. I am Robert Diaz. I’m an Artist and Antiques Merchant. I make art works ( Paintings, Sculptures etc) and I buy and re-sell antiques from different part of the world. I’m looking to employ capable & trustworthy individual as my Personal Assistant. Most of the time, I am away so applying candidate must be able to carry out instructions as given. Also,
Candidate must be enthusiastic, reliable, calm and friendly.
Candidate must also be focused and have the win-win drive.
Candidate must be able patient with customers and clients.
Candidate must have telephoning manners.
Candidate must have computing knowledge.
Candidate must be familiar with printer usage.
Candidate must be available at almost, all time. by email or phone.
In-bound and out-bound calls
In-bound and out-bound shipping and posting
Booking appointments with clients/customers
Emailing and Mailing of letters, documents or other information to clients/customers
Handle Payments, Invoice, Receipt and other Records
Travel opportunity
Bonus pay
Out-bound calls allowance.
Internet usage bill pay monthly.
Gas/ Transportation allowance.
Pay Break Down:
Basically, it’s a job you will be doing from your home or can be done from your own office. The new age, technology has made everything easier. As long as you have the internet and your cell phone, we are able to communicate anytime. So, you do not need to resume to my office, where I would be able to count hours of work.
However, I shall pay $350 per week. At the beginning of the month of work, I shall pay.
1. Internet - $25
2. Gas/Transportation - $50
3. Out bound calls. - $25
$1400 Monthly (From $350 Weekly break down) + $150 Basic allowances = Grand total: $1550.00 monthly.
Once you have read and understood this.Let me know the best time to call. Please note, I may not be available to call soonest for any interview. I am basically looking for a ready minded and willing individual.
You shall start work immediately, but before you do, I’d like you to get back to me with the below required information. a.s.a.p.
Please tell me more about yourself and respond with the below information.

Full names:
Physical address{NOT PO BOX}:
Zip Code:
Apt #:
Phone number:
Please provide with the required information a.s.a.p
Thank You.

— my spam inbox