The many things I did for Slant/The House Next Door including the "Grassroots" Podcast with Vadim Rizov jumbled up here

off hand for SUNfiltered, I counted up the  10 ways indie film destroyed the world  and upgrading Troma Films for the aughts


At the Playlist

 Other great moments in freelance include:

I ranked the Best "And" roles in television history for Esquire

before movieline went r.i.p. I was  in praise of r. kelly's trapped in the closet  and in which i did a press day to ask about cock socks at the tribeca film festival.

for fwd I wrote about why the end of 35mm is awesome, except when no one knows it

 At The Week why video game adaptions don't have to be terrible and Riddick knows why.

Beer and Pizza and Beer and Pizza and Beer and Pizza and Beer and Pizza and Beer and Pizza and Beer and Pizza and Beer and Pizza and Beer and Pizza and Beer money at the defunct

 Otherwise random reviews are below, while my letterboxd is more up-to-date than my Criticwire and what have you:

Solomon Kane  "isn’t trying to dumb itself down or sparkle slow-motion fights off the screen. It’s a solid quasi-fantasy story that doesn’t require overacting from Nicolas Cage or Universal’s brand of monsters. "

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2 Days in New York 

360  aka "The Film Where Anthony Hopkins' Face Wipes Into a Plane"


Lay the Favorite 

hold me closer Shadow Dancer 

The [redacted] 


Sleepwalk with Me 


there's even an IMDB for me so you can confirm how I used to make coffee for dudes on tattoo shows. 

I'd link to my stuff from Current, but that got nerfed. So here's the Rotten Tomatoes Show Twitter.  And here's the time we made Brett get a burrito and other ghosts of film-review shows past.