The Terrible Thing About Sunday

Yesterday, at 1:20 pm est, this happened. A scoop so monumental and random, people spent minutes debating if it could be true or just a viral death hoax that caught a paper of record.

The actor, now trending as RIPPSH on Twitter and Google, is remembered nearly everywhere. The Dissolve, Slant, the Times, EbertVoices, etc, etc amen. 

Every death is surprising to those that have to continue on, but even more so for those of us who invest the time and effort into ingesting the creativity. Whether or not there's rhyme or reason is up to the audience as the death of one performer may mean nothing, but the stabbing of a Brazilian documentary filmmaker is considered an after-thought.

Also the Seahawks beat the Broncos, 43-8, the first score of its kind in NFL history.

As William Phillmore Toffman   , S13E1, "No Acting Please."   Photo: PBS

As William Phillmore Toffman , S13E1, "No Acting Please."  Photo: PBS

Back to using someone's death as a call-to-arms think piece about needle culture, personal interjection about personal demons or boiling it down to that one time he showed up on a PBS children's show as a version of himself.

Whenever a death happens as result of abuse or violence, the world feels a need to explain it in 140 characters or gifs. Especially if the explanation can result in "the feels," as the popular sites that call for the decline of modern education like to remind us. But we should stop and remember that we are not moral centers and we can only do what good or evil that we can.

It is also important to remember those that left us as they truly should be remembered.