"a content farm is where everyone is content."

-vadim, the twitter

It warmed up a little this week, here down at Lake 33Universal. Days are cloudy and the coffee machine is broken again, which no one ever admits to but we think it was the GamenGuide folks. The hum of browsers and clicks of keys keep the days to a normal minimum eight hours without the lunch hour. Lunch doesn’t exist down here at Lake 33Universal. At least not in the traditional sense. There’s a break room and an elevator and a coffee machine that normally gets ruined since the programmers can’t read the instruction. But lunch is a time of work here at Lake 33Universal. All the fresh J-school graduates at SportsWorldReport like to munch on sandwiches from FLAVORs or the newly opened Potbelly around the corner from 33 Whitehall Street. Sometimes they like to giggle over lattes about wrestling and news they scrape off ESPN.

The Heralds Siblings (Lawyers, ParentsFranchise and University) giggle like schoolgirls over HNGN as he swings his bell to cry out news that’s at least 48 hours old. Poor HNGN and breaking global news daily when its global news daily is already old. But he means well and just wakes up every so often around here down at Lake 33Universal. Without the other content farmers like JobsnHire, AutoWorldNews, NatureWorldNews,ScienceWorldReport,RealityToday, TravelersToday and FoodWorldNews.

Down here at the content farm, everyone is content at 33 Whitehall Street using leftover desks, computers and phones from Lehman Brothers. It’s a quaint village and we’re always looking for more folks even if we’re not technically a journalism job—we are agricultural cultivation specialists here at the content farm.

And down here at Lake 33 Universal, we’re not as bad as those communist pinko hippies over at EnStarz that think they’re called EnStars. Life is fine here on the content farm as long as you get your mandatory 10,000 hits a day in the field for six days a week. Yes, sir.

And if you can’t, that’s fine. We’ll just outsource your job to the Malaysians that can bring the hot hits daily*. So long from Lake 33Universal and we’ll call you maybe next time for fresh news and reviews video photos gallery.