a scene from a scrapped story

interviewer:Hi, my name's [interviewer] and I'm doing a piece about interactive second-screen experiences and what the major studios have planned for them.
interviewee:oh great, how can we help.
interviewer:well, i'd love to know how Paramount is moving forward with the experience--especially when it comes to VOD and brands like Iron Man and Thor.
interviewee:hold on.
10 minutes later
interviewee 2:hi, interviewee said you had some questions about our future branding with interactivity and brands like iron man?
interviewer:yes. as you know, microsoft revealed smartglass for windows 8 and xbox yesterday and--
interviewee 2:well, i'm sorry. we have nothing to do with that.
interviewer:oh, ok. then can you comment on why Paramount brands like Star Trek and produced films like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America were such integral parts of their tech demo?
interviewee 2:...and...you're at e3 now?
interviewer:no, but I watched the demo.
interviewee 2:well, no comment obviously. how could you watch the demo if you weren't at e3?
interviewer:...it streamed live. on YouTube.
interviewee 2:...please hold.
interviewee 3:hi, i was told you had some questions. please call back in a week.
every week for a month.
paramount reception:hi, interviewers 1 through 3 are busy. they're on vacation. together. forever.
paramount reception:forever.
the end.