Here's A List of Things I'd Ask At Today's Amazing Spider-Man Junket

Junket critics were given a special screening of The Amazing Spider-Man on Thursday for the explicit chance to get those pesky interviews and media out of the way early. Why now, you ask? Because Andrew Garfield’s on Death of a Salesman until the end of the month. Then off to god knows where. 

Meanwhile, here is a list of things I’d ask the assembled cast and crew:

  • Can you describe Spider-Man with an adjective other than amazing, spectacular, incredible, ultimate, avenging or nice?
  • did you choose to ignore spider-man drives a giant robot car and fight aliens for a reason?
  • describe the differences between facing the curt connors as an evolving threat to phillip seymour hoffman.
  • how did you even find the same creature effects team from super mario bros?
  • rhys, how did you lose your arm?
  • how do you think the progression of music has effected the characters? originally dashboard confessional gave the song, but now it’s a dubstep remix of a british metalcore group. thoughts.
  • if spider-man films are connected to musical buzz trends, while avengers is not, is that why they’re so successful?
  • how big are sam raimi’s shoes? 
  • where are the free danishes and coffee? andrew? rhys? emma? guy who isn’t mark webber?
  • when is the sequel to the end of love coming out?
  • rhys, a personal question: how did you sneak liquor into san diego comic con? i’ve been trying for years. no dice.
  • did you ever consider organic web-shooters, and therefore a more natural and organic spider-man that shot webs from a sac on his lower back?
  • why isn’t fucking venom in this? venom is metal.
  • where was agent coulson?