on fear and loathing in skyrim

All weekend long there is a sale on DLC in Skyrim. Skyrim is a massively open world role-playing game that you can play either in first person or third person. It is the (I forget without looking at wikipedia)th game in The Elder Scrolls series. DLC means “rather than you buy a complete game we can now continue to make additions for $15-20 years after you paid $69.99 thus making you spend almost $129.99 on a video game today."

So all weekend long there is a sale on DLC in Skyrim and one of the sale items is the DLC “Hearthfire." This addition allows you to build your house, adopt a child and have mansions while you battle underground creatures and use your thu’um (that I can remember without Wikipedia so fuck haters) to kill the dragon menace.

And yet I can’t bring myself to buy it out of a continuing fear to own a home or have a kid. Also fighting dragons and then riding my invincible horse Shadowmere off cliffs for fun before respawning like Bill Murray.

There’s no real metaphor here aside from I have no idea about the NCAA and Wichita State and Ohio State are battling each other in a very intense game of handball.