R.I.P. Angels and Kings: 2007-2012

Alphabet City’s only bastion for emo bros and underage chicks with the alternative kick has closed. Founded by a bunch of bros who were in bands referencing The Simpsons and whatever sounded cool, this bar was the only spot in ALL of New York you could find a $4 PBR.

With framed photos of dudes like The Old Country Guy That Covered Hurt, Jimi Hendrix and Bros from New Jersey, Angels and Kings was the last true outpost for those wanting a simplier time. A time when Total Request Live was king and photos of your dick could be leaked on Myspace.

Who am I kidding? This is fantastic news. Now the only three spots of the Hot Topic Bar are in Chicago, Barcelona and Los Angeles. Let’s not ignore the coincidence that while this spot closes, a Ramones food truck gets its tires.